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Thank you for taking the time to consider Seattle Tacoma Processor Server to deliver your documents We are committed to provide the best service possible in our field.| more

What is web hosting?

Lawsuits on the Rise
Economic conditions have caused a rise in litigation which has increased the demand for process servers.

Washington state law, says if you sue someone you have to get a copy of the suit into their hands. Servers are tasked with

We specialize serving papers quickly, efficiently and affordably by a registered process server. We can accept document via postal service, email or upload them by clicking the upload tab above.

delivering those documents
$40.00 for most simple service documents
Upload your electronic documents now
We appreciate any sensitive situations you might be in. You can trust us to serve your papers so court matters can proceed and bring and end to your problems.
graphic First attempt made within one business day
Provide multiple attempts for a flat fee
Call you when the documents have been served
Promptly return the affidavit of service
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